A close-up of a service technician working on a motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Service

During peak riding season here in Southern Indiana, remember safety checks and precautions to your machine are vital. Regularly scheduled maintenance is the key to happy rides! This year our service department is stepping it up on the fun! April 1st, we start our mileage rewards program that will run through the end of the year. Sign up today and join in the fun!

Harley-Davidson® recommends servicing newer models every 5k miles, and it is a good practice to change your motor oil & filter every 2500 mi. How many miles do you have?

Also, please, please make sure you are riding on a good tread (min. 3/32), properly inflated, and that your tires have not exceeded their recommended lifespan (by date code).

Service Contact call today (812) 333-8300.

Remember... service it now on your terms... or later on, on somebody else's.

Southern Indiana's authorized Dynojet dealer. The ultimate system and the professionally trained technicians to get top performance out of your motorcycle. Come in and check out our new dyno room! We are dedicated to your performance!

The Harley-Davidson of Bloomington Service Staff.

Hit the Road Worry Free.

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