About Harley-Davidson of Bloomington

Close-up of a Harley-Davidson lit sign before a sunset background.

Circ.1900, Imagine life at the turn of the century. In a world of bicycles, horses and horse-drawn buckboards, and uncomfortable shoes. In 1900, there were only 4000 motorized self-propelled vehicles registered in the U.S. In Bloomington, the noisy, cantankerous vehicles seemed about as practical as owning and operating a space shuttle today.

This was the world of the Davidson brothers, Walter, William and Arthur and their good friend William Harley. These four men, barely in their 20s, built the first Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with the needs of ordinary people in mind.

In 1903, the Harley-Davidson® Motor Company turned out 3 motorcycles.

There has been a Harley-Davidson® dealership serving the Bloomington area since the 1940s.

The good old-fashioned American ingenuity that began in a tiny shed in the Davidsons backyard is alive and well in the ever-changing landscape and culture of Southern Indiana.

In 1999 Harley-Davidson of Bloomington turned the page to a new chapter in our history.

We moved to a new location, 522 W. Gourley Pike, just off the HWY 46 bypass. With the same spirit of accomplishment that marked the birth of an American Legend nearly 100 years ago, the staff of Harley-Davidson of Bloomington is ready to help you fulfill your dreams.

Drop-in for a warm greeting and a hot cup of coffee. After all, it's not just about motorcycles - it's a lifestyle - and it's a family.


Our Multiple Harley-Davidson Locations in Indiana